I made my first movie when I was 10 with an oddly shaped blue plastic camera. I made a found footage dinosaur movie with my siblings and I remember crying when I watched the footage. It was awful. In my mind's eye, I imagined our film as a cinematic marvel- the next Jurassic Park. In reality it was a loud, shaky blur of constant movement. My smooth camera pans following our frightened heroes looked like a Jackson Pollock painting come to life. In that moment, I became obsessed with making every video as perfect as I could possibly make it.

I watched every movie I could, taking notes on the different shots and techniques I wanted to replicate. I convinced my teachers to let me make movies instead of writing book reports. My head was a constantly churning workshop of script ideas and interesting shots. Eventually I got a degree in Digital Media, paid rent filming weddings and won numerous awards at local film festivals.

Videography is another one of those tools that can work absolute miracles for your marketing goals. A good video should inspire, engage and connect your audience to a sense that they can better themselves. Film your ads like you're planning on putting them into a film festival and I guaruntee you'll see the effectiveness of that campaign soar.


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