As an avid carnivore, walking into an old world butcher shop is a near holy experience. Seeing all the dry aged slabs of beef hiding a feast of melty buttery steaks beneath a cracked and wrinkled exterior warms my heart. Various dried salami rest under glass next to stacks of house cured bacon and smoked pepperoni. But man does not thrive on meat alone. Beyond vast quantities of animal protein lies shelves of spices and baskets of fresh fruit. Bread pulled out of the oven mere hours before is lined neatly in little rows while a small selection of local wine is displayed by the cash register. Some might call it perfection.

Padrononza is a concept brand created to explore the impact of hand drawn branding and the expression of culinary craft. The idea is that an exploration age inspired logo tied to muted, earthy pastels would evoke the magic of the European heartland. A little uppity, but deeply homey.


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