Olive & Iron

There are very few things I find more satisfying than being alone in the woods. In these moments of solitude I often find myself making little carvings or long spoons out of fallen wood. Chopping down a sapling and turning it into wooden kitchen utensils with nothing but a hatchet and carving knife is one of the most rewarding experiences I know. That's why I started Olive and Iron; as an excuse to be out in nature and an opportunity to share my love of the earth.

The brand Olive and Iron exists to evoke a deep sense of nature and craftsmanship; to express the close relationship those two concepts share. The olive and the iron represent the wood and the tools that carve it. It's not a one way street of man dominating the earth, but a symbiotic relationship between the two. The brand needed to reflect a marriage between man and nature, and the beauty and majesty found there. When one encounters this brand, I needed my market to immediately think of that camping trip they took as a kid, the cabin they spent their honeymoon in and the trails they walked with their grandparents. It's not just a wooden spoon, it's a piece of the earth herself.


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