Maca & Roon

There's a little macaroon shop tucked in the back corner of a classy outdoor walking mall in Winter Park, Florida where I grew up. It's between a modern Turkish restaurant and a leather shoe store, down a little cobblestone hallway, and nestled between two abandoned storefronts. The dark corridor is split by shining white light coming from the dark wood display case. Under the glass, stands lines of disciplined of sugary soldiers; row upon row of fresh baked macaroons, ready to march.

Maca & Roon is a study of color and vibrance. This concept brand explores the light and joy found in something as small as a simple sweet. There's wonder in the way egg and flour and sugar dance in the baking process. The visuals of this brand aim to reflect that magic with bright colors and a bold slanted title. These brand visuals had to be fun and bright without being cloying or harsh. The splitting of macaroon with an ampersand gives simultaneous understanding and whimsy. The warm tones of pink, and orange balance the cool green and blue while a neutral purple ties them all together. A bold font was chosen for the body of the logo, allowing for a certain boldness and clarity. This boldness is countered with a modern, rounded cursive font; a flamboyant cousin of those found in the modern flat UI movement. With all these moving pieces, a balance is struck; one in which the marriage of the brand's visual ingredients reflects the intricacy and vibrancy of the physical product.

So go ahead. Have a cookie.


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