Illustration was my entry point into the design world. I cut my teeth designing concert posters for a local coffee shop. It was immensly satisfying to see all the empty tape marks adorning the shop windows after a concert, knowing my posters were now hanging proudly in bedrooms across the city. I funded myself for years selling original posters online and shipping them cross country. I miss those late rooftop nights with my laptop and drawing pad.

Once I delved into the swirling waters of business and marketing, the impact of a beautifully illustrated ad campaign was not lost me. So often aesthetics is thrown to the wayside in favor of market analytics and cold data. While this is a great foundation, it's just a skeleton showing us where to put the muscle and how to form the skin. Illustration connects us to magic and breath and spirit. When those doors are open, it allows to you to engage your market in new and powerful ways.


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