Forge Coffee

I worked at a coffee shop right out of college and if I wasn't already addicted to the stuff than that job solidified it. The process of getting up before the sun to start preparing the day's drinks was a meditative practice. Coffee shops have the unique role of both reflecting and creating culture. They're where the cool kids go to talk loudly about music while the philosopher in the corner glares over the edge of her book. It's where craftsman and business leader alike find a boost of inspiration and a quiet spot to be productive. The best shops have incredible interior design, a lot of natural light, bare wood or brick walls, comfy furniture and plenty of outlets. Sometimes the coffee is good too.

Forge is a concept brand designed to invoke that duality of quiet space and productive living. It's extremely important for a coffee shop to stay on the pulse of design trends in all areas. The bold logo font is clean enough to exude a sense of modernity while still round enough to be inviting. The color of coffee aids in the visual scheme and a brighter yellow gives a balancing pop of color. The forge brand stands for productivity, a passion for coffee and it's vital place in the community.


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