David and Richard are souls unbound by borders. They've spent crazy amount of time spent all over the world and they want to share that experience with others. Their Memphis based startup ConnecTEFL certifies people to teach English as a forienfg language. This certification opens doors to students who want to live overseas and teach English as well as those interested in growing an international community locally.

ConnecTEFL, as the name implies, connects people who wouldn't usually cross paths and inspires others to build community through the power of language. The teacher training sector is notoriously plagued by bad design. That made a fully formed and coherent visual brand connected to valuable market research a must. Upon building the identity blueprints for the brand, it was clear the theme of connection would have to be front and center. On a philosophic level, the multi-banded circle captures the spirit of many moving parts becoming one while a clean font and bright and gradient puts the brand head and shoulders above the competition. The golden pop color accents the logo nicely and also is applied in the action items and highlights on the ConnecTEFL website.



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