The first thing you'll notice about Stan Miller, CEO of Careerstory is his passion to help other people. It's contagious. Through years and years of experience working for big name businesses, Stan found something special . He gives people a better life by teaching them how to achieve their career goals.

What makes Career Story special is that it's not just a practical list of how to get your dream job. Stan's startup focuses on the power of story and how it can transform the way you present yourself in the professional world. It's an incredibly human curriculum which is a welcome departure from other career courses. This in mind, the brand visuals needed to convey a sense of motion and story that promised growth and development. While a rocket or a book alone might be overused, combining the two of them in a flat UI style logo made for a promising and unique visual direction. Various shades of red and blue translate well to digital uses and the clean lines and font ensure a personal but professional presence.

"Before meeting with Josh, I lacked clarity on how to execute my vision of helping people secure the career they have always dreamed of. I was frustrated and discouraged when searching for a partner to help design a digital experience to support my business. Many companies I interviewed didn't spend the time to understand my vision before presenting solutions.  Fortunately, I found Josh.  He took an interest in my business, leading the project from discovery to launch with guidance and care. I quickly realized that hiring Josh allowed me to spend time performing in my area of strength, business development, during the creative process. The sky is the limit for my business, as I now have a functional brand that helps me reach my goal of guiding my clients to the career they have always dreamed of."

-Stan Miller
CEO, Career Story



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